Watch the Business of Trust interviews with leading public figures from business, politics and beyond. These videos discuss the importance of the CIVIC principles, the value of trust in society and the actions that are needed to build trustworthiness.

PhotoNameCIVIC PrincipleKey messageVideo
Councillor Ian Adams,
Lord Mayor of Westminster
IntegrityBe accountable.
Speak up and raise concerns.

Veyom Bahl,
MD, Robin Hood Foundation
Value to societyGive back what you can, joyfully, purposefully and smartly.Watch
Andrew Bailey,
Value to societyWe all serve the public interest.
"Actions speak louder than words."
There is no single lightswitch - trust is an elusive concept.
Dame Inga Beale,
CEO, Lloyds of London (2014-2018)
Interests of othersEmpower your front line staff.
Publish your CEO's contact details - be open and approachable to customers.
Talk about the good you and your organisation do.
Eva Bolander,
Lord Provost of Glasgow
Competence and skillsInclusive growth.
Be honest and fair.
Ian Burnett,
Lord Chief Justice
IntegrityTrust is vital for business success.
Demonstrate personal responsibility for your actions.

Stephanie Burras,
CEO, Ahead Partnership
IntegrityCorporate success is built upon strong society.
Trust needs to be discussed more between corporate leaders and across society.
Mark Carney,
Governor of the Bank of England
Value to societyFinance is a means to bring about prosperity and innovation.
Help clients accomplish what they are trying to do.
Sir Roger Carr,
Chair, BAE Systems
IntegrityBehaviour is a key objective.
Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.
Greg Clark,
Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
Value to societyPlan for tomorrow's challenges.
Communicate business's benefits and investment in society.
Jan de Silva,
CEO, Toronto Region Board of Trade
IntegrityTechnology Declaration for good.

Lloyd Dorfman,
British Entrepreneur & Philanthropist
IntegrityCulture is the DNA of the organisation.
Demonstrate that you care about your employees, community, country.
Paul Drechsler,
Chair, London First
IntegrityMake sure people understand what your values are and can see it through behaviour of leaders.
Be more communicative about the good stuff.
Shayne Elliott,
AllLive up to the expectations your customers have of you.
Trust comes from building relationships - be available and willing to engage.
Jessica Fries,
The Prince’s Accountability for Sustainability Project
Value to societyPlan for the future.
Do a holistic examination of your business and its interconnections.
David Gauke,
Lord Chancellor
IntegrityRule of law

Miriam Gonzalez,
Partner, Dechert
IntegrityWe learn more from mistakes than successes, need to share this with the team.
Take honest feedback from the people working for you - not just above you.
Todd Greenberg,
CEO, National Rugby League (aus)
IntegrityWhat you do is what you say - live and breathe it.
Inclusiveness - there is a place on the field for everyone.
Don't confuse leadership with popularity - strong leadership and advocacy.
Sir Stephen Hillier,
Air Chief Marshall, Royal Air Force
IntegrityFocus on doing the right things and doing things right.
Loyalty, courage and good conduct.
Mark Hoban,
Chair, International Regulatory Steering Group
Value to societyEmbed a desire to change people's live and build trust in what you do every day.
Need to know what you are there to achieve to build a sustainable business.
Dr Ma Jun,
Chair, China Green Finance Committee
Interests of othersAnalyse the implications of your actions. Watch
Sadiq Khan,
Mayor of London
IntegrityIf you make a promise, keep it.
If you can't, explain why - be candid.
Staff are your greatest asset - must give them the chance to develop.
Sir John Kirwan,
New Zealand Rugby Union Coach
AllTrust is about honesty, transparency and gut.
Mental health and wellness in the workplace are key.
Christian May,
Editor, CityAM
Value to societyBusiness is integral to society.
Be transparent.
Have a purpose beyond profit.
Catherine McGuinness,
Chair, City of London Corporation
Competence and skillsGive people time and space to develop and remain competent.Watch
Sarah Mullally,
The Bishop of London
IntegrityBe honest and transparent, understand how to behave ethically.
Listen to each other to understand what trust looks like to different people.
Mary Nightingale,
ITV Broadcaster and presenter
Clear communicationWe live in a multi-platform world - need to have honesty and trust across all channels.
Tell the truth - trust is very difficult to regain once lost.
Frances O’Grady,
General Secretary of the British Trades Union Congress
AllWorkforce engagement.
Fair treatment of workers.
Empower your front line staff.
Use of incentives.
Mohandas Pai,
Chairman, Manipal Global Education
Value to societyThe role of business is to add value to society.
Businesses need to be role models.
Jennifer Reynolds,
CEO, Toronto FS Alliance
Value to societyCommunicate the benefits of financial and professional services.
Have a purpose beyond profit.
Luke Sayers,
CEO, PWC Australia
IntegritySet the tone from the top - values and accountabilities.
Organisations need to be more articulate and transparent about their wrongs.
John Sentamu,
The Archbishop of York
IntegrityBe honest, straight-forward and reliable.
Can you put yourself in someone else's shoes?
Shradha Sharma,
Founder, YourStory
Clear communicationBe transparent and accountable to create an authentic relationship.
Be empathetic.
Nicola Sturgeon,
The First Minister of Scotland
IntegrityInvest in the people you work with and value the people you work to serve.
No organisation or government lives in a vacuum - all are part of society.
Sam Tidswell-Norrish,
Principal, Motive Partners
Interests of othersEnsure that the principles that underly your company are embedded properly - this is about education.
If you always do what you've always done, you always get what you always got.
Justin Welby,
Archbishop of Canterbury
Interests of others
Interests of others ahead of your own is necessary.
Focusing on the financials will cost you gravely.
Have clear speak up/listen up processes.
Have a vision.